Process a program interface XML definition with one of the available XSLT stylesheets



	prgproc [-x <path>] -t <...> [-o <path>] [-p <...  [ ... ]>] [-s <...  [ ... ]>] [--ns-xml-path <path> --ns-xml-path-relative] [--help]

Global options

	-x, --xml-description: Program description fileIf the program description file is provided, the xml file will be validated before any XSLT processing-t, --xslt, --xsl: XSL transformation to applyThe argument have to be one of the following:bashcompletion, c-gengetopt, docbook-usage or wikicreole-usage-o, --output: Output fileIf no output file is provided, the transformation result will be sent to the standard output.-p, --param, --params: pass a (parameter,value) pairMinimal argument count: 2-s, --stringparam, --stringparams: pass a (parameter, UTF8 string value) pairMinimal argument count: 2ns-xml source path options--ns-xml-path: ns-xml source pathLocation of the ns folder of ns-xml package--ns-xml-path-relative: ns source path is relative this program path--help: Display program usage

Copyright & Licensing

Copyright © 2018 by Renaud GUillard (

Distributed under the terms of the MIT License, see LICENSE