Renaud Guillard


	build-python [[-S] -x <path>] [([-be] -i <...> | -m <...>) -c <...>] [-o <path>] [--ns-xml-path <path> --ns-xml-path-relative] [--help]

Global options

	Input-x, --xml-description: Program description fileIf the program description file is provided, the xml file will be validated before any XSLT processing-S, --skip-validation, --no-validation: Skip XML Schema validationsThe default behavior of the program is to validate the given xml-based file(s) against its/their xml schema ( etc.). This option will disable schema validationsGeneration optionsGeneration modeSelect what to generate-b, --base: Generate ns-xml parser base module only-i, --info: Generate program info moduleThe given argument must be the name of the the Parser base module (ex: 'Parser')-e, --embed: Generate parser base and program info modules in a single file-m, --merge: Generate and merge with program scriptGenerate parser base and program info modules and merge the result with the given python script-c, --classname: Program info class nameOutput-o, --output: Generated file pathns-xml source path options--ns-xml-path: ns-xml source pathLocation of the ns folder of ns-xml package--ns-xml-path-relative: ns source path is relative this program path--help: Display program usage

Copyright & Licensing

Copyright © 2018 by Renaud Guillard

Distributed under the terms of the MIT License, see LICENSE