Configuring Eclipse


Eclipse (of course...) with the following plugins

Creating project tree

The eclipse project bundled with ns-xml is located in script/eclipse. To create symbolic links to sources inside this folder, run


Using Mercurial


																																																																																																																																								[ui]ignore.eclipse = resources/hg/ignores/eclipse

in your .hg/hgrc file to ignore these symbolic links

Adding ns-xml XML schema to Eclipse XML catalog

  1. Open Eclipse Preferences
  2. In XML > XML Catalog > XML Catalog Entriss, click Add...
  3. In the new dialog, click Workspace
  4. Browse ns-xml/xsd ... and select one of the XSD schema (ex: program/2.0/program.xsd), validate
  5. Repeat the operation for each schema

Eclipse can now use the XSD to auto-complete and auto-validate XML files that use a ns-xml schemas.