About ns-xml

ns-xml (for NoreSources XML) is a collection of XML-related tools.

Project features

Program interface definition

The program interface definition XML schema, XSLT stylesheets and tools allow you to generate all the code required to handle command line arguments in a command line based tool. It can also build a XUL frontend to call any command line program.

See the program interface definition framework overview.

How it works

XSLT Stylesheets

ns-xml provides several XSLT stylesheets for a standalone usage.

See the XSLT Stylesheets documentation tab.

XSH - XML Shell script

A XML document describing UNIX shell program and/or functions.

See the XSH tab


ns has nothing to do with Netscape, nor NeXTSTEP and Cocoa APIs, except they share the same prefix. They all copied me before I was old enough to program.